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Allow us to wash your concrete surfaces carefully and effectively.

If you are extremely proud of your home, you probably want to make sure your exterior surfaces look clean and appealing to boost your curb appeal. Such surfaces include those made of concrete, such as your patio or walkways. Concrete surfaces that are covered in dirt, algae, lichens, or mold are not very pleasing to the eye, to say the least, but they don’t have to remain that way. If you have dirty concrete surfaces in Clifton Park, New York, turn to our team at Neptune Soft Wash for concrete washing.

Concrete Washing in Clifton Park, New York

When you think of concrete washing, you probably picture pressure washing. But did you know there’s another way to clean your concrete surfaces? It’s called soft washing, and it’s a gentle, highly effective alternative to pressure washing. Where pressure washing relies almost entirely on highly pressurized water to blast away contaminants, soft washing uses little to no pressure. Instead, it uses water-based, biodegradable cleaning solutions, which are designed to sanitize surfaces thoroughly by killing contaminants like mold, mildew, algae, lichens, or bacteria.

Soft washing offers longer-lasting results than pressure washing because it completely removes organic contaminants instead of letting the roots of the contaminants linger. You can think of it as pulling weeds out of the ground versus just cutting them short.

If you are interested in our concrete washing service, contact our team today to learn more or schedule an appointment. We look forward to providing the excellent results and customer service you deserve.

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