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We can improve your home’s appearance with patio washing.

Just like any other homeowner, you want to have a beautiful home both inside and out. That means you need to arrange for exterior washing from time to time. This will keep your outdoor living areas spotless and functional, so you can go out and enjoy the fresh air whenever you please.

Patio Washing in Clifton Park, New York

At Neptune Soft Wash, one of the exterior washing services we provide in Clifton Park, New York is patio washing. Whether your patio is covered or uncovered, it is still exposed to the elements and may require some upkeep occasionally. For instance, you’ll want to remove any dirt, algae, mold, or dark stains that may be marring your patio’s surface, and you can trust us to get it done.

Some exterior washing companies rely solely on pressure washing to clean patios, but we’re aware of the damage this method can cause when it isn’t handled correctly. Although we do offer pressure washing, we prefer to evaluate each unique situation first. For extremely tough buildup, we may use pressure washing, but we also offer an alternative called soft washing.

Soft washing is a gentler method that relies on a special biodegradable chemical blend to kill contaminants like mold, mildew, algae, and moss. It’s often the better choice because it doesn’t require high pressure and gets to the root of the problem, producing more effective, longer-lasting results.

We can assure you of the high quality of our patio washing service, and we encourage you to reach out if you have questions. Contact us today to request your free patio washing estimate.

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